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TourBaby, Sept. 4, 2002

Hundreds of musicians across the nation are banded together to raise awareness of independent music: the music you don't hear on mainstream TV or radio. Ten Story Love was proud to be part of the Boston Tourbaby show.

The TourBaby banner
The TourBaby banner, signed by all the bands so far. By the end of the tour,
the banner will have been signed by bands in over 40 cities.

             The TourBaby "Baby", autographed and on it's way to the next gig


Look who's in the audience...

Todd & Natalie

Sandy & Heidi


Press Clippings for the TourBaby Boston show

Ten Story Love photo appeared in the August 29 edition of the Boston Globe Calendar. Unfortunately, they got the date wrong!
Boston Globe Calendar, Aug. 29, 2002

HippoPress Manchester ran a nice little article on our participation in TourBaby:
HippoPress Manchester, Aug 29, 2002

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