Ten Story Love

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News Flash!
Ten Story Love is:
Scot Gibbs - Guitars & Vocals
Brad Page - Guitars & Vocals
Michael Haught - Bass
Ken Carpenter - Drums

Scot Gibbs began playing at 14, earning money for his first guitar by working all summer washing dishes. College jam bands followed, and then gigging around Colorado. After a life-threatening ski accident, he took a year off and seriously explored songwriting. Scot keeps the mix bubbling by providing vocals & guitars (lots of 'em).

The Fire inside Ten Story Love
The Soul of Ten Story Love

Brad Page grew up reading comics, with little interest in music until he discovered Rock 'n' Roll at age 13-- and then everything changed. He bought his first guitar at a Flea Market for $10 and joined a band a week later (then decided it might be a good idea to take some lessons). Now he writes, plays and sings for Ten Story Love.

Bassist Michael Haught has probably forgotten more about music than most people will ever learn. His album collection would make the Smithsonian envious. Mike and Brad met working at a record store. Eventually they started writing & recording songs together. Mike introduced Scot, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Ten Story Love's Heart
The Drive behind Ten Story Love

Solid as a rock, more powerful than a locomotive, and funkier than that old couch in your basement, drummer Ken Carpenter played in bands around New England (including a few with Brad), then hauled ass to LA for a number of years. Ken is now back east and behind the skins, driving Ten Story Love with his energy, creativity, and focus.

What's it all about?

What's In A Name? -- Where did "Ten Story Love" come from, anyway?
The Long Way 'Round: How it took so long to get to this point!
Turn Down That Racket: The music so far.


Ken Carpenter uses & endorses Silver Fox Percussion drumsticks. They're a local New England company that really puts real craftsmanship into their sticks. Not your ordinary tub-thumpers. Visit their website http://silverfoxpercussion.com/ for more info.

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