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You gotta laugh at yourself:
We're always on the lookout for good jokes about musicians. Check out these Guitarist Jokes, Bass Player Jokes, and Drummer Jokes.
Bands and Artists that matter to us:

  • Todd Rundgren is a big favorite of ours. A brilliant songwriter with an incredibly varied career, you can learn more about Todd at The Todd Rundgren Connection.

  • Brad listens to Doug Powell whenever he needs to get his songwriting juices flowing. His songwriting is literate, emotionally charged and sweepingly moving... some of the catchiest, craftiest songs you've (n)ever heard. Visit his website and discover this brilliant artist for yourself -- you'll see why he's one of our favorite songwriters.

  • One of the best bands to record & perform in the '90's was Jellyfish. Few people are familiar with them, but the two albums they released-- "Bellybutton" and "Spilt Milk"-- have endeared them to many hardcore fans around the world. There's no substitute for hearing these albums yourself (so go buy them!), but in the meantime, you can learn more about Jellyfish on the fan website Jellyfish Homepage.

  • Bruce Cockburn is a great songwriter, and Scot, Mike & Brad are all big fans. You can learn more about Bruce from Gavin's Woodpile, The Bruce Cockburn Newsletter.

  • Mike and Brad can't get enough of Aimee Mann. Her pop songs are infectious, her heartbreaking ballads are, well, heartbreaking... plus we still remember when she used to work behind the counter at Newbury Comics. Check out her Official Website (where you can order her latest album).

  • Ten Story Love likes great songs. Matthew Sweet writes great songs. For more info on Matthew, there's the Ugly Truth Fanzine, and there's a nice Matthew Sweet fan page here.

  • Where do you go after Uncle Tupelo? Brad likes Wilco, Mike prefers Son Volt; either way, both are great, so everybody wins!

  • We're all big fans of Cheap Trick, a band that pretty much defines the sound of late '70's Power-Pop, and they're a big influence on the way we approach the guitar. They've got a great website at CheapTrick.com.

  • One of Brad's favorite songwriters is Paul Westerberg. Arguably the premier songwriter of his generation, Westerberg released classic albums with The Replacements and continues to record terrific solo work. You can find out more about him on the Unofficial Paul Westerberg Page. And check out the Replacements Web Page from Twin Tone Records.

  • You'll often hear the music of Lucinda Williams and Chris Knight blastin' out of Scot's CD player. Maybe it should be coming from your speakers, too.

  • Adrian Belew is one of the most innovative guitar payers of all time, but he's also an amazing songwriter. The Adrian Belew website is a nice site with frequent contributions from Adrian himself.And don't miss the The Bears, yet another of Adrian's projects-- these guys are absolutely brilliant!

  • XTC is another favorite of ours; They've released album after album full of incredible music. Everything you ever wanted to know about XTC can be found at the Chalkhills website, but you can also visit their Official Website, too.

  • Glenn Hughes is a great bass player. He is also one of the Greatest Rock & Funk Vocalists Of All Time. Brad can't say enough about Glenn's vocals. A former member of Deep Purple and Trapeze, Glenn also spent some time in Black Sabbath and sang on one of Gary Moore's best albums, "Run For Cover", among many others. Glenn's solo albums have ranged from Funk to Heavy Metal, and not every album will be your particular cup of tea. But make no mistake, this guy can sing ANYTHING. For more info, see Glenn's website.

  • For years, Scot has been diggin' the soul-deep guitar styles of Ry Cooder and David Lindley. If you're a guitar player, you gotta appreciate these masters. And don't miss the great guitarist Johnny A., who's following in the footsteps of the guitar giants.

  • If you love power-pop music as much as we do, then you've got to check out the artists on Not Lame Recordings, a record label dedicated to the art of rocking pop, meaty hooks, and crafty tunes. Some of the best power pop acts in the world are at Not Lame. They carry great CD's from artists like Myracle Brah, The Shazam and Starbelly (you might not know their names but you'll LOVE their music). Not Lame has a "listening booth" where you can sample some of these artists. Not Lame Recordings sets the standard for the power pop genre, so if you're looking for the best of the best, this is the right place to start. Give them a shot-- you'll be glad you did.

  • Speaking of Power-Pop, Badfinger practically defined the sound. Badfinger issued a series of seminal albums before self-destructing (founding member Pete Ham, frustrated & distraught, took his life in 1975; bandmate Tom Evens followed suit 8 years later). Visit the Badfinger Library website, to learn more about this seminal band.

  • One of Brad's all-time favorite bands was Small Faces. Never meeting with much success in the U.S. or getting the respect they deserved, Small Faces were nonetheless one of the best groups on the British rock scene in the '60's, mixing the mod intensity of The Who with the Kinks' veddy-British roots. Room for Ravers is a great site dedicated to the lads.

  • The Chicago band Enuff Z'Nuff has been on the scene for over a decade, mixing Beatle-ish power pop with straight-ahead rock. Although big commercial success never came to pass, the band has a loyal following, including members of Ten Story Love. Check out the Official Enuff Z'Nuff website and turn yourself into a fan.

  • What can we say about The Beatles? We're all big fans. There's only about a million Beatles websites... start at the UBL and you can surf to your heart's content. Or just fisit the Official Beatles Website.

  • And speaking of the UBL... if there's a band you can't live without, you can learn more about them (and almost any band you can think of) at The Ultimate Band List.


Friends & Co-Conspirators

There are a lot of terrific musicians out there that you may not be aware of. In a better world, they'd all be household names. Ten Story Love hopes that you take the time to check out these artists-- some are friends, some are just people we admire; all are worthy of your attention.

  • Rob Lamothe paid his dues with hard rockin' bands like Aircraft and The Riverdogs in Los Angeles during the heyday of 1980's Heavy Metal. After years of struggles & broken dreams, Rob eventually headed north to Canada, and underwent a renaissance as a songwriter. Having found his own voice at last, Rob writes and records *his* way, putting his heart & soul into some really fine tunes. Check out any of his albums and you'll see what we mean.

  • We met Mike Lasala at the IMX Conference in New York, where he spoke on a panel discussion. His dedication and love for music impressed us; his songs impressed us even more. Check out Mike's website for his own unique brand of "Acoustic Groove with Attitude".

  • There's nothing quite like a Billy Dare & The Pumps show. As Boston Rock Magazine put it, "There's life after Rocky Horror and its name is Billy Dare & The Pumps!" Ribald & rockin', these guys (and gal) give a whole new meaning to "tongue-in-cheek".

  • Whether you call it "Alternative Country", "Americana" or "No Depression", October Sons make a glorious sound that deserves to be heard. Lend them your ear and you won't be disappointed.

  • The folks at Mojo Music Studios run an excellent recording studio in Northern New Hampshire. It's a great place to work. We highly recommend it. Check 'em out!


That's Gooood Readin':


Other Favorites:
  • The Simpsons is the Official Ten Story Love Favorite TV Show, and with good reason. Check out The Simpsons Archive, an excellent fan site, as well as the new "official" Simpsons website. And you must check out the TV series Futurama by Simpsons creator Matt Groening. Futurama did to Science-Fiction what The Simpsons did to the American family.

  • As well as playing guitar and writing songs, Scot is also known around town for his photography. Here are a few his favorite photographers: Helmut Newton, Joel Peter Witkin, David Hamilton, and Richard Farber.

    The main principle of Buddhist thought is impermanence. Artist Andy Goldsworthy has integrated the idea of impermanence into much of his work, creating art that incorporates its own temporary, brief lifespan as part of its beauty. Goldsworthy says, "Each work grows, stays, decays. Process and decay are implicit. Transience in my work reflects what I find in nature." Brad, who really enjoys Goldsworthy's artwork, says "His art finds its beauty not only in its physical appearance, but in its very fleeting existence as well. Captured on film at its peak, we are intrinsically aware that the work will not last. It really helps me to see the joy & beauty in our own short lifetime. " Andy Goldsworthy
    In Dumfriesshire, Scotland, in 1995, Goldsworthy made a spiral from individual icicles found on-site.

  • Brad also has the artwork of H.R. Giger throughout his house, even though it scares away visitors (or maybe *because* it scares away visitors...)

  • If you like the films of Director Kevin Smith as much as we do, you should check out his View Askew website. (Mallrats is a great film-- critics be damned!)


Music Resources: If you (or someone you know) is a musician, here are some resources and tools that'll come in handy:

If there was only one place I could buy recording gear from, it would be Drew Townson's Analog Planet. They carry only the BEST gear-- no junk. And you'll get a fair price. AND, Drew is a true professional who knows his stuff inside-out, plus he's one of the finest human beings I've ever met. Please take our reccomendation and buy some gear from Analog Planet-- you won't regret it!

Our illustrious drummer Ken Carpenter uses & endorses Silver Fox Percussion drumsticks. They're a local New England company that really puts craftsmanship into their sticks. Not your ordinary tub-thumpers. Visit their website http://silverfoxpercussion.com/ for more info.

There's one piece of software that is essential to our recording process-- Cubase. We simply couldn't have recorded our albums without it.

Brad has made a few attempts to paint his own guitars, but wasn't happy with the results until he learned a few tricks from the Paint Your Own Guitar book. If you have any interest at all in painting your own custom guitar finishes, this is a great book to have, well worth the few bucks.

If you're looking for song lyrics, Music Lyrics is a good place to start, They are one of the oldest lyrics archive sites.

Here are a ton of guitar-related websites:

65 Amps
Aguilar amplification
Allen Guitars
Allparts - Replacements guitar parts & accessories
Alvarez Guitars
American Music & Sound - Focusrite, Novation and more
Ampatch - Custom Tolex Repair Kit
Analog Planet - Pro Audio gear, guitar pedals & tubes
Andersen Stringed Instruments
Tom Anderson Guitars
Antique Electronic Supply
Anvil Cases
Apogee Electronics - Digital converters- The Best!
Applied Research and Technology (ART)
Arpeggio Korina Guitars
A & S Cases
Ashdown amps
Atomic Amps - Tube amps for digital modelers (like Line 6 POD)
Auralex - Acoustic treatments for studios
Avant Electronics - mics and speakers
AXON MIDI Controllers
B-52 Professional amps
Babicz Guitars
Bad Cat amps
Baden Guitars
Barber Electronics pedals - Brad's favorite handmade pedals!
Barcus-Berry pickups
Barker Bass
Bartolini pickups & electronics
Bass Dynamics
BBE Sound
B. C. Rich Guitars
Beard Guitars
Ken Bebensee Guitars
Bee Basses
Benavente Guitars
Benedetto Guitars
Bigheart Slide Co. - the best guitar slides in the world
Blackbird Guitars
Black Diamond Strings
Bogner Amps
Bourgeois Guitars
BP Strings
Brazen Guitars
Breedlove Guitars - Brad's favorite acoustics!
Breezy Ridge Instruments - picks, parts & accessories
Brown's Guitar Factory
Brubaker Guitars
Budda Amplification
Burns Guitars
Buscarino Guitars
Calzone Cases
Cameron Amplification
Carter Steel Guitars
Catalyst Instruments - ceramic-graphite body guitars
CBI Cables
Chandler - Guitars, Electronics, Parts & Accessories
Clayton Guitar Accessories
Harvey Citron guitars & basses
Clark Amplification
Collings guitars
Colorado Case Company
Composite Acoustics - innovative acoustic guitars
Conklin Guitar Company
Conford Amps
Cort Guitars
Crate Amps
Curbow String Instruments
D'Addario Strings
D'Aquisto Strings
Daisy Rock girl guitars
Danelectro Guitars
Dean Guitars
Dean Markley Strings
Delaney Guitars
Demars Guitars
Demeter amps
Diamond Amps
DiPinto Guitars - I love these guitars!
DOD -Guitar effects and pedals
Double Treble custom instrument straps
DR Handmade Strings
Duesenberg Guitars
Dr. Z Amps
Ducks Deluxe - guitar accessories
Jim Dunlop - effects & accessories
Eastman Guitars and Strings
EBow Electronic Bow
Egnater amps
Elixir guitar strings (Gore Music)
Ellis Guitars - Handcrafted acoustic guitars
EMG Inc. electric guitar & bass pickups
Eminence Speakers
Engl Amps
Epiphone Guitars
EPM Ltd. - Acoustic guitar transducers
Ernie Ball, Inc. - guitars, strings & accessories
ESP Guitars
Eventide Effects Pedals - great digital guitar pedals
Evergreen Mountain Instruments - custom acoustic guitars and mandolins
Exotic Woods Company
Fano guitars
Fat Tone Pickups
Fender Guitars
Fernandes Guitars
First Act Guitars
Fishman pickups and electronics
Flight Form Cases, Inc.
Floyd Rose Guitars & Accessories
Foxx Pedals
Framus basses
Frontier Design Group
Fuchs Amps
Furman Sound
Fuzzy Pedal Steel Guitar Products
Fylde Acoustic Guitars
G7th Capo
G & L Guitars
Gallien-Krueger amplification
Gator Cases - hardshell cases for instruments & equipment
Genz-Benz Amps
George L's - Pickups & cables
Get'm Get'm Staps
GHS Strings
Gibson Guitars
Girl Brand Guitar
G&L Guitars
Godin & Seagull Guitars
Godlyke effects
Goldfish guitars
Goodall Guitars
Granata Guitars
Graph Tech Guitar Labs - graphite nuts & saddles - Every guitar should use these!
Groove Tubes
Grosh Guitars
Guild Guitars
Hagstrom Guitars
Hahn Guitars
Halo Guitars
Hamer Guitars Harmony Guitars
Heil Sound
Hembrook Custom guitars and basses
Hercules Stands
Heritage Guitar Inc.
Highlander Musical Audio Products
Hipshot Guitar Parts & Accessories
Hoffman Amplifiers
Hofner Guitars
Hosa cables HotPicks USA
Nik Huber Guitars
Hughes & Kettner amplifiers
Hutchins Guitars
Ibanez Guitars
IK Multimedia software
Italia Guitars
Jackson/Charvel Guitars
Noah James Guitars
Jodi Head straps
Phil Jones Basses
Just Strings.com - order strings via the web
Kaman - Hamer, Ovation, Takamine, Adamas and Applause guitars
Keeley Electronics - great effects pedals!
Koch Amps
Gary Kramer Guitars
Kustom amps
Kyser Musical Products
Lace pickups
Mark Lacey Guitars
Bill Lawrence Guitar Design
Lakewood Guitars
Laney Amps
Legend Picks
Lehle swicthing pedals
Levitch Guitar Works
Levy's Guitar Straps
Line 6 digital modeling amps
The Lobster Guitar
Mad Professor Amps
Malhavok's guitar patches for Line 6 POD
Manne Guitars
Maranita picks
Marshall Amplifiers
Martin Guitar Company
Matchless Amplifiers
McSwain Guitars
Mesa/Boogie Amplifiers
Mighty Mite Guitar Parts
Mike Lull's Custom Guitars
Minarik Guitars
MJ Guitar Technologies
Modulus Graphite
Mogami Cable - used in every recording studio on the planet - no need to use anything else
Monster Cable
Moog Music - check out their revolutionary guitar
Moollon pedals
Brian Moore Custom Guitars
Morley pedals
Mosby Guitars
Moses, Inc. Graphite
Motion Sound - rotary speakers - Awesome!
Mudd Guitars
Musicorp -J.B. Player guitars, MBT Cases and more
National Reso-Phonic Guitars
David Neely Custom Guitars
NGM Pedalboard Systems
Neutrik USA - High-quality plugs and connectors
New Sensor - Electro-Harmonix effects, Sovtek Tubes
Novax Fanned Fret Instruments
NS Design (Ned Steinberger)
N-Tune - Guitsar tuner installed right on your guitar - fantastic!
Olson Guitars
OnBoard Research - tuners
On-Stage Stands & Accessories
Optek Music Systems - Fretlight guitars
Orange Instrument Amplification
Parker Guitars
John Pearse Picks & Strings
PedalTrain Pedalboards
Perfect-Tune piezoelectric tuner for acoustics
Perfect Tune Bridge
Phantom Guitars - faithful reproductions of Vox guitars
Pickguards.com - fancy guitar & bass pickguards
Pickture Picks - custom imprinted guitar picks
Pignose amps
Planet Waves accessories
Primacoustic - Studio acoustic materials
ProCo Sound
Pyramid Strings
Quik Lok stands
Radial Engineering pedals
RainSong Graphite Guitars
Randall Amps
Jim Redgate Guitars
Red Witch Pedals - excellent effects pedals
Reed Kotler - Transcribing Aids
Reunion Blues gig bags
Reverend Guitars
Rhinehart Guitars
Rio Grande Pickups
Rivera amplification
Robin Guitars
Robles Roadcase - hi-tech gig bags
RockNRoller Cart - best way to transport equipment
Rotosound Strings
Sabine Tuners
Sadowsky Guitars Ltd.
Taku Sakashta Guitars
Saint Blues Guitars
Samick Music
Samson Technologies
Santa Cruz Guitar Company
Schaller Guitar Parts & Accessories
Schecter Guitar
Sever Guitars & Basses
Seymour Duncan pickups
Shubb guitar accessories
Silver Fox Percussion
SIT Strings
SKB Cases
Sky Pickups
Slider Straps
Paul Reed Smith Guitars
Snarling Dogs effects
Sound Sculpture - makers of the Switchblade GL Guitar Rack Switching System
Soundsmith, Inc. amplifiers & spearkers
Spector bass
Spectraflex cables
Sperzel guitar tuning keys
Starr Labs - electronic guitar accessories
Steward-MacDonald Guitar Shop Supply
StrapKing - great guitar straps
Studio Devil amp software
Suhr Guitars
Sunrise Pickups
Sustaniac - Sustain-generating guitar pickups
Tacoma Guitars
Takamine acoustic guitars
Taylor Guitars
TC Electronic pedals and effects
Tech 21 effects
THD Electronics amps
Thomastik-Infeld strings
Timtone Custom Guitars
TonePros accessories
Trace Elliot
T-Rex Pedals
Trem King parts
Tric Pick - picks that light up
James Trussart Custom Guitars - Amazing guitars!
Rick Turner Renaissance Guitars - highly recommended
TV Jones Pickups
Ultimate Support Systems - stands
Ventures model guitars (Wilson Guitar Ventures)
Vero Amplifier Company
Vineyard Guitars - budget electric & acoustic guitars, good quality at a cheap price!
Visual Sound - EXCELLENT effects pedals
Voodoo Lab pedals
Vox Amplification - Legendary. Definitely one of our favorite amp makers!
Warehouse Guitar Speakers - reproduction vintage guitar amp speakers at a great price
Warmoth - simply the best bodies & necks on the planet!!
Warwick Bass
Washburn Guitars
WD Music Products - guitar bodies, necks, parts & accessories
Weber Speakers
Webstrings.com - buy strings over the 'net
Wechter Guitars
Whirlwind cables
Wristies hand-warmers - fingerless gloves - simple but ingenious!
X2 Digital Wireless - absolutely the BEST wireless on the planet
Yamaha Corporation
Zemaitis Guitars
Zinky Electronics
Zion Guitars
Zon Guitars
Zuni Guitars & Amplifiers
Zzyzx Snap Jacks


If you need stage lighting, here are two great sites to research and shop for lighting gear: SLD Lighting and Starlight Entertainment.

Guitarist Alert! Check out The Guit@rists Network for tablature, info on guitar tunings, Scale Finder, Chord Finder, and guitar news. It's also a good place to locate other guitarists who share your interests.

Here are a few of our favorite places to buy music gear:

  • If you're looking for acoustic or electric guitars and basses, you should check out The Guitar Gallery. They always have some great vintage guitars in stock and good deals on new ones, too.

  • Also check out the Manchester Music Mill for more new & used gear.

  • Drew Townson's Analog Planet. 'Nuff Said.

  • MusicToyz.com is one of the best places on the 'net to buy guitar stuff, like pedals and such. They offer extensive samples to listen to so you can get an accurate idea what the pedals really sound like.

  • Both Mike & Brad are addicted to buying gear on eBay... this auction site always has a TON of excellent guitars, amps and everything you can think of. Next time you're looking for some new equipment, start here!
  • And while we're on the subject of eBay, the best way to ensure you don't lose out on a bid at the last moment is to use an eBay Sniper like Gixen. Highly recommended for you hardcore eBay users!

    eBay Sniper


One of the best resources for independent musicians is the Indie Contact Bible, which contains tons of information on fanzines, clubs, radio shows, etc. You'll find this book extremely useful.

If you're a Do It Yourselfer, visit The DIY Search. If you're a musician, artist, writer or creator of any kind, and you're doing it all on your own (we are, too), then this site is where you can communicate with other DIY'ers and find those of like minds.

Discover new bands or add your own group to the list at Indie-Music.com

A terrific website for discovering indie bands is www.stompinground.com.

Whether you're a musician or not, here's a few great sites where you can find some great music:
  • You can find a ton of great music at Amazon.com. Use the search box below to locate any item on the Amazon.com website:
     Search: Enter keywords...

    Amazon.com logo
    In Association with Amazon.com

  • If you're looking for imports, collectible, or hard-to-find CD's, the best place to start is Silver Moon Music. Silver Moon has a great selection of imports and rare stuff that you just won't find any place else.

  • And while we're on the subject of rare albums... if you have some rare, hard-to-find or impossible-to-replace records (you know, the old vinyl LP), then you should check out LP2CD.com, a business that specializes in converting old albums into CD's. Very cool!


Web Resources: So you wanna be a Web Meister? Here are our favorite sites for designing & Building websites.

Elated has a great "toolkit" website where you can download buttons, graphics, and whole website layouts called "PageKits". This Ten Story Love website was heavily influenced by their PageKits, and we've used a few of their graphics here & there. Please check them out!

All of our HTML pages were authored in Edit Plus, which can best be described as "Notepad on steroids". It's not WYSIWYG, but for those of you who prefer to roll your own HTML code, this is the best product out there. Download a shareware copy from www.editplus.com.


Miscellaneous & Sundry:

As you may have noticed, we have a bit of a fascination with space, the cosmos, and all things astral. Here's a great place to view the heavens-- The NASA NSSDC Photo Gallery.

Ten Story Love supports Free Speech on the Internet and the Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Freedom Of Expression. For more information please visit the Electronic Frontier Foundation website.


Please Note: If any of these links appears to be "broken", please let us know so we can update this page. Thanks!

This page is always growing and changing... please check back soon for more links!

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