Ten Story Love
From the album:

"Ten Story Love"

Go Fish

     Too many photographs in the ashtray, too many memories left to throw away;

                                 I threw a shoebox full of letters on the fire.

   Too many things I wish I didn't say, too many things that come out the worst way,

                                            Is it any wonder I'm so tired?

                               Things don't work out like you planned,

                               Like you've been dealt a losing hand,

                               But it's a game that we all understand...

                                            It's really just Go Fish.

                    I can't bring myself to erase all of those video tapes

                            That we made before everything changed.

   Once upon a time, you were my lifeline-- but that was a whole other lifetime;

                                 Now I watch it all go down the drain.

                               You're acting like you hold the Ace,

                               But I see right through your poker face,

                               I wasn't bluffing when you heard me say

                                                        Go Fish.

     If you can wait 'till tomorrow, I'll bring back all the stuff that I borrowed,

                                   I suppose I don't need it anyway.

      For a while I'll feel like a martyr, then I'll be right back where I started,

                                  Hoping for another chance to play.

                          I believe the deck is stacked,

                          And I want all my money back,

                          I've had it up to here with all that crap...

                          We started playing as a pair,

                          But now I'm playing Solitaire;

                          I'm not sure that you were even playing fair....

                                                 So Go Fish.

© 1998 Brad Page & Michael Haught

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