Ten Story Love
From the album:

"Ten Story Love"

This Island Earth

                Who can I believe, the first to come or the last to leave?

                        When it's over, I'll be relieved.

                What truth waits there for me, when nobody can seem to agree?

                        When it's over, I'll wait and see.

                        People wax and wane, 

                        It's always the same,

                        Some things never change...

                                On This Island Earth.

                 When we reach the end, will we have to start all over again?	

                        Is it Karma or maybe it's Zen?

                 How can I pretend to know any more than you, my friend,

                        Is it Karma or or just a fashion trend?

                        Time after time, 

                        There's no reason or rhyme,

                        It's all so sublime...

                                On This Island Earth.

                         Forgot to mention to pay no attention 

                           To the man behind the screen.

                         Rites of Ascension, Divine Intervention;

                           Nothing's ever quite what it seems.

                 Where do I find my place on this big, blue marble spinning through space?

                                Is it down to a matter of faith?

                 When we meet face to face, what will be my saving grace?

                                Is it down to a matter of taste?

                                In the Great Unknown,

                                There's no place like home,

                                And you're not alone...

                                On This Island Earth.

© 1998 Brad Page

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