Ten Story Love
From the album:

"Ten Story Love"

It Happens Every Time

     We've been through this so many times-- too many times before.

     But I can tell what's on your mind-- so what'cha waitin' for?

           'Cause every time I turn around, I find myself in the same situation;

           You think that you understand, but it's not your heart that's breaking...

                       And It Happens Every Time.

     This ain't the way you said it would be-- did I fail the test?

     You're saying things I can't believe-- well, what next?

           Every time I raise my head, something makes you start swinging;

           Maybe I'm just too far gone, but I don't understand what you're thinking. 

                       And It Happens Every Time.

                       Well, I don't know, what's going on,

                       You might be right, but I think you're wrong...

     You say you want to move ahead, well, I won't look back,

     But I can't forget those things you said-- Verbal Attack!

           Every time I think I'm safe, you call me up and start it again;

           I can't do nothin' but hold my breath, and wonder when it's all gonna end...

                       And It Happens Every Time.

           And every time it's all worked out, you change the game & leave me behind,

           I should be getting used to this, 'cause it seems to me, it happens every time.

                          It Happens Every Time.

© 1990 Brad Page

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