Ten Story Love

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News Flash!

Here are the songs from our new CD. Click on each of the song titles below to read the lyrics, hear a short sample, and find out what each song is about.

"This Island Earth"
"The Perfect Girl"
"It Happens Every Time"
"Human Torch"
"Marian On The Steps"
"Breakdown Lane"
"The Way We Live"
"The Company Store"
"Grinding Wheel"
"All Cried Out"
"In A Different World"
"Go Fish"
Note: Each music clip is about 30 seconds long. They won't take long to download, but you'll need an MP3 Player to listen to them. If you don't already have software that can play MP3 files, you can download Microsoft's FREE "Windows Media Player" from www.microsoft.com/windowsmedia/.

Check out the Who Played What? page to find out the lineup & instrumentation on each song.

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