Ten Story Love

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Ever the perfectionists, the band has decided to scrap all the tracks recorded for our next album and will be recording new versions of everything. Of course, this means that the album will be delayed, but the guys won't release anything unless they're happy with it... and it will be worth the wait. In the meantime, you can see pictures of the recording process in the Photo Album.

On Sept 4th, 2002, a new kind of tour came to Boston. The best independent musicians in the area united to raise awareness of independent music: the music you don't hear on mainstream TV or radio. Ten Story Love took part in the Boston "Tourbaby" show at Sky Bar in Somerville MA. The gig also generated some press for us, including a nice little article in Hippo Press and a photo in the Boston Globe. Check it all out on the TourBaby page in our Photo Album.

We added a Gig Calendar to our website. Now you'll be able to see where and when we're playing, as well as other exciting (and not-so-exciting) activities in the life of Ten Story Love. Click this link to open a new window with our Calendar of Events.

Not Lame Recording Company, the world's #1 source for "power pop" music, has recently agreed to carry Ten Story Love's CD. The best power pop acts in the world are at Not Lame and we're proud to join their family! Not Lame Recordings sets the standard for the power pop genre, so if you're looking for the best of the best, this is the right place to start!

Our website was recently selected as "Website Of The Week" by Hippo Press and NHTunes.com.

Ten Story Love appeared on the syndicated radio show "The Studio", which is aired all across New England. The band performed 3 songs with a brief interview. Click here to listen to the show.


You can now buy Ten Story Love T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs online at the Ten Story Love Fashion Boutique, courtesy of MP3.com! Double-sided shirts are $12.00 and the mugs are $10.00. Make the fashion statement of the year!


Okay, so you're ready to buy a CD? Visit our Shopping Page to find out where you can get 'em!

What does the CD sound like? It features 13 songs about life, love, work, philosophy, and even a "Big Question" or two. It's been described as "guitar-powered pop" but the best way to experience it is to hop over to our music page and hear for yourself.

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