Ten Story Love

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Brad and Mike meet for the first time
when they both get jobs at Rockit Records,
a record store in Nashua, NH
Shortly after moving to NH from
Colorado, Scot meets Mike.
Brad and Mike first discuss the possibility
of starting a band. In somewhat of a reaction
to the "alernative" trend, the idea was to focus
on guitar-powered pop songs.
Brad builds recording studio
Summer 1995
Mike introduces Scot and Brad
November 25, 1996
Brad, Mike and Scot, with Jason on drums,
play their first show, premiering potential songs
for their first recording sessions.
January 1997
Songs are re-vamped, re-written and
re-shuffled as the band begins recording in earnest.
September 1998
Final mixes are completed,
Mike finishes the artwork, and the CD is ready for manufacturing.
November 13, 1998
The band debuts the album by throwing
a CD Release Party "Love-In", inviting
everyone to come in appropriate attire.
February 1999
The CD is officially released
October 1999
Drummer Ken Carpenter officially joins the band
(replacing fill-in drummer Dave Stearns)
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